Here Comes the Dreamer

Then they said to one another, “Look this dreamer is coming”. (Genesis 37:19KJV)

The story of Joseph in the Bible is found in the last part of Genesis starting with chapter 37 where he received a dream from God. It is a story of intrigue and high-drama. The story is filled with plots of murder, deception, betrayal, seduction, false accusations and then ultimately victory over evil. It all started when Joseph was born as one of the youngest sons’ of Jacob. Joseph was Jacob’s favorite child, the son of his old age. He gave Joseph a beautiful coat of many colors. This created jealous from his siblings. Joseph was a special child and had an amazing call on his life. God planted a dream deep within him that he would one day have great authority and reign over many, even his own family. He would be royalty. He shared his dream with the people closest to him, his kinfolk, and they rejected him because they didn’t like the dream. They became Joseph’s haters. They plotted to kill him but put him in a pit instead then sold him into slavery. Joseph was taken into slavery down in the land of Egypt far away from home. His life and journey became challenging at best. He was wrongfully accused, thrown into prison was later exonerated and promoted to leader in the Pharaoh’s palace. He went from the pit to the Potiphar’s house, to prison and then to the palace. As a young dreamer he learned some valuable lessons. Lessons he learned:

1. You can’t tell everybody your dream they may not be able to handle it.

2. If you share your dream people may reject you and the dream.

3. When the dream is from God it will come to pass, stay in faith and remain hopeful.

4. There is a process between the promise of the dream and the fulfillment of the dream.

5. During the process before the dream is manifested stay true to God and maintain good character. God will show favor even in difficult situations.

Lessons for us today:

Continue to allow God to use you as the incubator for great dreams. Pray about who you share your dreams with regularly. Don’t share your dreams prematurely, people may try to abort the dream. Never share your dreams with haters they will never be able to handle it. Thank God every day for the people He puts in your life who help make the dream reality. Remember there is a process with every promise God gives, there are no overnight successes. Stay in the process and don’t quit. Go ahead and dream big God will get you through the process and He can handle your haters!!!

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