Dream Big: The World is Waiting on You

Many of us have dreams bursting inside of us that have never been realized. All of us have a specific purpose on earth. Are we living our purpose? Are we living our dreams? Do we focus on our destiny? Why is it important that we raise these questions right now? The world looks to be in dire shape morally, economically and physically. At times things look bleak, and it looks like things are not going anywhere. Our world needs some people live their dreams.

People on our jobs don’t appreciate our gifts, talents, abilities let alone concern themselves about our dreams. We are part of the answer to this world’s troubles. When we live small and don’t dream big the world is missing out on something great. Some of us aspire to be entrepreneur, some of us want to write a book, some of us want to go back to school, some of us want to do something creative, some of us want to help hurting people and inspire others to follow their dreams, some of us want to sing or be in movies or better yet write a movie and be the producer. The time has come today for all of us to stop making excuses. There is no excuse for excuses!!! Tell our brain and our mouth- today is the day! At any point in our lives we can change directions, make up our minds to live our dreams. It all begins with how we think. We have to be ever so careful about how we think. Many times we can’t see ourselves accomplishing the dreams we have, or doing something BIG, or we fall in to a rut or a pattern of living that’s not very meaningful but we tell ourselves this is safe, it pays the bills and the economy is bad right now. We are griped with the fear of what if. What if I quit this job that does not appreciate my gifts? What if I start on a new path and it is not successful? What if? We can play the what if game until we pass out. Let’s turn it around. What if you leave your job (that do not show you much love) and become very successful and reach your destiny. What if!!! Let’s play what if from a positive perspective. Look for environments where people celebrate us and not merely tolerate us.

A man by the name of Samuel Smiles made this famous quote. “Sow a thought, reap an action, sow an action reap a habit, sow a habit reap a character; sow a character reap a destiny!” The Bible simply says “whatever we sow we will reap”. Let’s look at Mr. Smiles quote line by line:

1<strong>. Sow a thought reap an action.</strong> When we think about something long enough we will eventually act on it. That is why it is so important o guard our minds and to be careful what we allow in to influence us. For instance if our dream is to write book then we must begin to feed our mind thoughts about what we want to write about and who can help us accomplish this. We want to begin thinking about who will be our audience, begin seeing ourselves at our book signings and making money from our book. We have got to visualize ourselves writing and proofing and picking out the book cover. It all begins with our own thinking. Whatever we think on long enough, whether positive or negative, we will act on. We must rid ourselves of people around us that will convince us to think “we can’t do it” … because of this and that. Surrounding ourselves with people who say we can do it is the key. If we think we can or we think to can’t we’re right. It all depends us. Think, “I can do this”.

<strong>2. Sow an action reap a habit</strong>. Once we begin to sow thoughts that foster our dreams we will begin acting on it and it become habitual. This one best selling author said to himself I want to write a best selling book but he worked full time and could not afford to just quit and write because he had to eat and feed his family. So he kept his focus on his thoughts about writing and then he began to act on it and his actions became a habit. He wanted to accomplish 2 things he did not want to neglect his family and he wanted to write a best selling book at the same time. So everyday he came home and he dedicated time to his family until 8pm. M-F. From 8p to 10 or 11pm he wrote on his best selling book and on weekends he would spend 5-6 hours writing on his book. Within 6 month he had produced a best selling book and guess what? he could then quit his job and write full time. He had to think but he acted on his thinking and it became a habit. His habit helped him succeed.
<strong>3. Sow a habit reap a character.</strong> Many times we do not realize that the habits we form eventually say what our character is. If we have a habit of speaking negative and tearing others down eventually that becomes part of our character. When we speak positive that become part of our character. You know a tree by the fruit it bears. When folk form habits of watching television 6 hours a day they begin to live other people’s dreams. When we develop poor eating habits and lack exercise we become overweight. It becomes a vicious cycle. We must evaluate our lives and determine what good habits do I want to keep are and what are the negative habits I want to get rid of. Our reputation is what people think about us our character is who we really are. When we address your habits we address what contributes to your character.
<strong>4. Sow a character reap a destiny.</strong> We all have a purpose and a destiny carved out before we are born. The part many of us don’t know is that we all play a big part of realizing our dreams and destiny, and it all starts with how we think. Our destinies are intertwined with other people’s destiny. What if our destiny is to be a singer and we are working as a police officer, then all the people that are supposed to be inspired by our music will miss what we have to offer. The world is waiting on all of us to step up to the bat and hit a home run. We must dream big and never stop dreaming. Pay attention to our thoughts, action and character they all lead to our destiny.

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