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I’m A Dream Girl is a faith-based movement which helps women explore their God-given dreams and encourages them to develop a plan to birth those dreams. Birthing the dream takes place when small groups of like-minded women meet together and support each other throughout the process. We want to inspire and encourage you to expand the Kingdom of God through intentional pursuit and fulfillment of your dreams. In order to accomplish this, we provide Bible-based, high-quality Dream Girl events, literature, and additional resources to help move dreams from actions plans to reality.


Attend A Retreat

Enjoy a peace of mind while fellowshiping with like-minded women looking to launch into their business, ministry, book, or simply a peace of mind.


About I'm A Dream Girl

Become a part of the I’m A Dream Girl movement. Join us for a powerful, life-changing encounter as you breathe life into your God-given dreams.


Purchase A Book

In I’m a Dream Girl: A Guide to Fulfilling Your God-Given Dreams, author Penne Allison invites you to dream—but not the worldly dreams you may be used to dreaming.